Pinjaman Perniagaan

Loan perniagaan

Required documents/information for the processing of loan application:-

1)      M&A, Complete Form 24, Form 49 (only Sdn Bhd)

2)       Latest Annual Return. (only Sdn Bhd)

3)      Form D (Register of Business) and SSM Info (only Sole Proprietor and Partnership)

4)      Last three (3) years audited accounts and latest management accounts. (only Sdn Bhd)

5)      Last three (3) years management account that submitted to Income Tax. (only Sole Proprietor and Partnership)

6)      Last twelve (12) months banks statements.

7)      Latest debtors and creditors ageing.

8)      ICs of directors.

9)    Company profile, product catalogue, certification and other relevant information. (if any)

9)  A copy of Bank Offer Letter from other banks. (if any)